Hotel Am Fischmarkt

Directions to Hotel Am Fischmarkt

Reaching the Hotel Am Fischmarkt is no problem by using a route guidancesystem. Please enter “Rheinberg, Fischmarkt” as destination. In caseyou do not have a navigation system available, take Autobahn A 57 to Colo- gne (from the north) or to Nimwegen(from the south). Leave A 57 at the exit “Rheinberg” (exit no. 7).

After leaving the Autobahn, continueon B 510 to Rheinberg. After a littleless than one kilometer (beware: ti- ght curve at the end of the upgraded road) turn left onto B 57 (direction Rheinberg / Orsoy / Budberg) at thetraffic light (across the road you see a McDonalds and a service station). Turn right after 800 meters.

You now reach a traffic circle, which you will leave at the first possibili-ty turning right into the direction toRheinberg. After further 300 me- ters you reach another traffic circle where you have to take the first exitleading into the city centre (OrsoyerStraße). Turn from the inflected rightof way on Orsoyer Straße into thetraffic-calmed area of the city centre.Now follow the road approximately400 meters to Fischmarkt. Pleaseheed the right of way at the nextcrossroads. Vehicles coming from the right have the right of way.

The hotel is directly at Fischmarkt onthe left side.

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Please click on this photo.

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